I’ve been wanting to work on my app’s look and feel for a long time. The look and feel of an application is often described as UI design or UX which is shorthand for user experience. Aspects of UI design and UX consists of colors, visual presentation and the general flow of the application. UX also stands for more than look and feel, such as compatibility and how flexible applications are when facing user needs. These aspects are things I’ve wanted to explore for a while and get better at. Google’s Material Design is really nice for getting inspiration, but in general in my application I’ve tended to go with what felt good to me.

This is my initial welcoming screen that I’ve used since the beginning of development.
























It has served its purpose in function as a routing service for the user when starting the application. The look and feel though is primitive and has the look of a student project about it. When creating this screen, no consideration of colors and logical placement of elements were made. Therefore I decided to re-design the welcoming page to be more pleasant for the user to interact with.

Below is the result which I came up with.























The welcoming screen now uses the color scheme found in the applications different themes. The background consists of a gradient made from red to green in smooth transition. The buttons were made transparent and the borders were made visible. The button borders are also colored by a theme found in the app. The components are also more centered in the screen than before and the info message has been moved down to the bottom of the screen to make its presence discrete. The actionbar is also a component that I’ve chosen to remove due to the fact that it is not used in the welcoming screen at all. Without the actionbar I think the screen gives a more visually pleasant look and feel. Although this is still a work in progress I personally think that it is a great improvement.

Continuing on I will assess the rest of the application and see if there are areas that can be improved.

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