Escape Plan Z – Shooting Range

Quick update after todays work. I’ve managed to implement raycasting for the first time with some help from the Unity docs. The raycasting is done in order to calculate where a shot from the gun is hitting. A ray is projected out from an origin point which in my case is the Gun game object, this projection will then report back when it hits anything. This report will contain a hit game object which in turn contains a collider with another gameobject. Using this I’m able to put bulletholes into surfaces that the bullets hit as demonstrated in the below video.

As you probably notice I’ve made attempts at making a firing animation that doesn’t look very good at all. I made the gun model in Blender and they use a different directional scheme than Unity does. Therefore importing models directly into Unity from Blender causes issues with the Z-axis being interpreted as the Y-axis, which created difficulties when trying to animate said object in Unity because the axises are not behaving normally. This probably wouldn’t be a problem if I would have done some research about rotation prior to importing the model into Unity. I will look into this and see if Blender has some handy tools on this subject of exporting models into other software.

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